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West Virginia Goes Purple Annual Summit & Gala 2024

West Virginia Goes Purple Annual Summit & Gala 2024

MARTINSBURG, WV — West Virginia has been in the national spotlight due to staggering overdose statistics. However, a beacon of hope and unity has emerged in Tara Mayson's monumental initiative: West Virginia Goes Purple.

Tara Mayson, the resolute Executive Director of The Hope Dealer Project, a prominent nonprofit organization in the Eastern Panhandle, pioneered this initiative. With relentless commitment, she procured an endorsement from Martinsburg's Mayor, Kevin Knowles, on July 13, 2023. This made Martinsburg the first West Virginia city to adopt the purple initiative, setting a precedent for other cities. Notably, Shepherdstown followed suit, with Mayor Arthur Auxer, III giving his endorsement on August 8, 2023.

However, the road wasn't without its obstacles. Despite her endeavors to involve other Panhandle communities, Mayson faced silence. Undeterred, she persisted, stating, "The stigma is alive, but we must break addiction chains regardless of the magnitude of our efforts."

While she downplays her monumental efforts, preferring community unity over personal accolades, Mayson emphasizes the critical resources available locally. "We have resources right here," she stresses, urging those struggling to reach out.

Her unyielding efforts caught the attention of West Virginia Governor, Jim Justice. On August 29, 2023, Governor Justice issued a proclamation urging communities statewide to "wear purple, light up their homes, or businesses with purple lights, tie a purple ribbon on their tree, fence, or door, make a purple heart display, or get creative and display purple another way."

Join the #wvgoespurple campaign this September

National Recovery Month this September witnesses the launch of the #wvgoespurple campaign, illuminating the strength, resilience, and determination of those in recovery.

Why Purple? - Purple epitomizes ambition, power, and determination, representing the unbeatable spirit of recovery.

How Can You Make an Impact?:

  • Residents: Amplify the message by wearing purple, especially on "Purple Fridays." Share stories using #wvgoespurple.
  • Business Owners: Turn storefronts purple and offer deals for those donning purple.
  • Service Providers: Propel community events emphasizing recovery resources and join hands with local businesses to broaden outreach.

Our collective strength, empathy, and support can light up the path to healing and hope. This September, let's make West Virginia radiate purple and champion change.

Let's make recovery palpable. Let's go purple. 💜🟣

For further details or to get involved, contact The Hope Dealer Project or follow #wvgoespurple on social media platforms.

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